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  • 06:16 LIFE GUIDE : How to Make a Friend

    LIFE GUIDE : How to Make a Friend

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    Having a friend can make your life journey more exciting. It gives you the chance to share, explore and love. Here are my personal tips on how to make a friend. These are just simple tips you can tuck away in the back of your mental pocket whenever you co

  • 05:27 Grunge Beauty

    Grunge Beauty

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    Hi beautiful! Excuse my voice. I caught a cold in NY :( Anyways, are you ready to rock the grunge look this fall? Pair up your distressed plaid with smoldering eyes and a dark pout. Share your grunge look with me by tagging #MishLook so I can find and lik

  • 02:49 Win Up To $100,000 in Tuition!

    Win Up To $100,000 in Tuition!

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    College Tuition Giveaway! You can win up to $100,000 in scholarship money with Dr. Pepper. Just go to http://drpeppertuition.com to submit your goal and get all the info :DFollow, like, share and more:♥ Subscribe! http://bit.ly/MPsubscribe♥ My Twitter: ht

  • 07:49 My Tech Favs

    My Tech Favs

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    Tech favs! Let me know what apps you have on your phone/tablet. Sharing is caring ;) xo MishShow mah boy Swoozie some love! http://youtube.com/swoozie06My book "Make Up Your Life" is now ready for pre-order! It's coming out this October! More info here ht



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    Hi Bae! You ready for Halloween? Here are some fun Halloween costume ideas you can try out! Which look is your favorite and who or what are you going to be? Don't forget to share you Halloween look with me by using hashtag #LookMish :) Sharing is caring!